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In chemical logistics, you have professional advice at your disposal…

for non-dangerous goods:

  • Additives
  • Dispersions
  • Fatty acids, fatty acid methyl esters (bio-diesel), fatty alcohols, glycerine
  • Synthetic resins, paints, glue
  • Vegetable and animal oils
  • Fodder industry products
    (shipments in accordance with GMP B4.1)
  • Detergent base material, softening agents
  • Textile, leather and paper additives
  • Textile, leather and paper additives
  • Mineral oils

for dangerous goods:

  • ADR Class 3: flammable liquid substances
  • ADR Class 4.1: flammable solid substances (hot melted masses)
  • ADR Class 6.1: toxic substances
  • ADR Class 8: corrosive substances
  • ADR Class 9: various dangerous substances / substances harmful to the environment

for tank equipment:

  • all tanks made of stainless steel (V2A / V4A)
  • all tanks with at least 100 mm insulation
  • for deployment in continental Europe
    • Road tankers with 1 to 4 compartments and up to 35 m³
    • “Jumbo” road tankers with 3 compartments up to 56 m³
    • With glycol tank heating system up to 100°C
    • For high-temperature-controlled goods of up to 200°C
    • With limit-value monitor, dead man’s control (ANA-control), gas displacement device, suction and pressure pump, vane and Ibex pumps for high-viscosity media, oil-free compressors
    • On-board tank interior cleaning system
    • Drain cock/dispenser gun for filling drums
    • Calibrated meter with ticket printer for fuels / bio-diesel
  • for Europe-wide and worldwide deployment (short & deep sea)
    • Tank containers (20' and 30') with 1 to 3 compartments of 4 m³ to 35 m³, IMO type 1
    • With pump or compressor
    • With drain cock/dispenser gun for filling drums
    • Flexi-tanks (exclusively for harmless products)

All tanks are also available for dedicated use.

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