Additional Services

State-of-the-art transport modules for international logistics.

The complexity of the logistics processes is on the increase. Intermodal transport chains and global transport services are gaining in importance.

We adapt to meet your needs.


  • Drums and IBCs
  • Procurement of empty containers

Container trucking across Europe:

  • Pre- and post-carriage of combined transport
  • All container chassis available
    – 20, 30 and 40 standard
    – low bed trailers
    – 20 and 30 tipping chassis
    – cranked chassis (gooseneck)
    – with compressor or pump
  • Transport of temperature-controlled goods
  • Transport of special & dangerous goods
  • Waste transport
  • Depot services

Conventional cargo transport across Europe and worldwide (including dangerous goods):

  • Drums, palletized
  • IBCs
  • Big bags
  • Bagged goods, palletized
  • As express or consolidated cargo, as well as partial and full loads
  • LTL/FTL by road
  • LCL/FCL intermodal in 20, 40 und 45 standard containers

Intermodal transport across Europe and worldwide (including dangerous goods):

  • 20 tank containers
  • 30 und 40 silo containers (pressure containers)
  • 20 flexitanks
  • 30 bag-in-box containers


  • Provision of tank trucks, tank and silo containers for short-term interim storage
  • Handling and Storage in container terminals
  • Drums and IBCs
  • Use of suction pumps for harmless/dangerous liquids (solvents – dangerous goods of ADR class 3) for the emptying of storage tanks, floor tanks and underground tanks

Silo transport (pourable/free-flowing substances):
Granules, powders and powdered products of all kinds

  • from the food industry (inkluding kosher/halal)
  • from the feed industry (transportation according to GMP+ B4)
  • from the chemical and petrochemical industry
  • including dangerous goods of ADR classes 4.1, 8 und 9
  • as well as waste material that is subject to approval

All tanks/silos are also available for dedicated use.

Decanting operations: